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Are Children Suitable for Dental Bonding?

Are Children Suitable for Dental Bonding?

July 1, 2021

Dental bonding is a solution popular with many people to repair decayed, chipped, or cracked teeth. Many adults prefer dental bonding to alternative cosmetic dentistry procedures requiring significant investments and time to complete besides causing some discomfort.

Children are also victims of tooth decay and cavities besides being prone to accidents leaving them with chipped and cracked teeth. Earlier dentists were limiting some cosmetic dental procedures to adolescents and adults. However, the pediatric dentist in broken Arrow recommends dental bonding for children to repair any incurred dental defects.

A composite resin helps repair the appearance of the teeth during dental bonding. Dentists perform the bonding procedure in one visit, unlike other invasive procedures. However, dental bonding may not always be essential, and the dentist may suggest alternatives depending upon the patient.

When Is Pediatric Dental Bonding an Option?

Dental bonding is suitable for many tooth-related issues. For instance, the resin helps repair a decayed tooth. If your child has experienced an injury resulting in a chipped or cracked tooth, dental bonding is helpful to restore the appearance and functionality of the damaged tooth. The procedure also helps to improve the appearance and shape of the teeth.

Besides changing the appearance of the teeth, bonding is helpful to reduce further decay and even discomfort from the exposure of roots and receding gum lines. Dental bonding helps treat many dental problems, including those that arise during the course of childhood development.

Is the Dental Bonding Procedure Comfortable?

When discussing dental bonding with the pediatric dentist in Tulsa, it helps to know about all aspects of the procedure beforehand. Then, you can take your child for a consultation and go over the preparation process and time frame the method requires to ensure you understand to reduce anxiety.


Dental bonding does not require any preparation before the procedure. Other dental procedures usually involve thorough examinations and x-rays. Thankfully dental bonding is less involved and invasive. However, if your child has a decayed tooth, anesthesia is required during the filling procedure to comfort your child.

The Dental Bonding Process

The dental bonding process is relatively straightforward:

  • Dr. James Steyer, the pediatric dentist, makes use of a shade guide to determine the appropriate color of the composite resin matching your child’s tooth. After that, the child’s tooth is roughened with an etching liquid to ensure proper adhesion.
  • The resin is applied to the targeted tooth and shaped. The resin is hardened using ultraviolet light of the day shaping.
  • The tooth is shaped again for polishing.

If your child has chipped or cracked teeth or is affected by tooth decay can inquire with the dental office near you how the issues are manageable. They will undoubtedly recommend dental bonding as a suitable procedure to restore your child’s tooth functionality and smile in a comfortable process with the pediatric dentist nearby.

How Much Time Does Dental Bonding Require?

The dental bonding procedure is relatively quick and is completed by the Tulsa dentist approximately 30 to 60 minutes per tooth. Therefore do not be overwhelmed after hearing about the shaping and polishing. However, the time mentioned depends on whether your child cooperates with the dentist and remains still in the dentist’s chair without being wiggly or troublesome. No risks are associated with dental bonding making the procedure safe for most children.

Most children and adults, regardless of age, are candidates for dental bonding. However, it is essential for you to discuss any cosmetic procedure with an experienced and qualified pediatric dentist if you consider dental bonding for your child. While there are no risks associated with dental bonding, there is a need to undergo an examination before the procedure and have the process performed by an experienced pediatric dentist.

The composite resin material applied to your child’s tooth is prone to chipping and cracking over time. The resin can also stain if your child frequently stacks on pigmented foods and beverages. The minor issues shouldn’t send alarm bells ringing in your mind thinking a visit to the emergency dentist near me is essential to repair the bonded tooth. You merely need to ensure your child maintains appropriate oral hygiene and limits their consumption of pigmented foods and beverages. With proper care, dental bonding remains on your child’s tooth for many years, providing them the joy of displaying their smiles without showing dental imperfections.

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