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Are Dental Bridges Noticeable?

Are Dental Bridges Noticeable?

November 3, 2021

Dental bridges are an excellent restorative dentistry process for many people but not the only solution to replace missing teeth. You can consider dentures if you are working on a constrained budget or implants for the replacements you want to have for your missing teeth. After placement of dental bridges, the restoration customized for your mouth is likely not to reflect itself as different from other teeth. Dental bridges appear, function, and feel like your natural teeth remaining unnoticeable in your mouth.

Children and adolescents also lose their anterior teeth due to decay and trauma. While dentists replace primary teeth with space maintainers, adolescents are recommended dental bridges by the emergency dentist near you to replace their permanent teeth if they cannot get the dental implants for some reason. When you receive a recommendation for dental bridges for your adolescent, you may have questions in your mind about whether dental bridges are a suitable option for closing the gaps in your adolescent’s mouth. This article provides information on how dental bridges can help children complete the edentulous gaps in the anterior region of their mouths to restore their smile and all the information you want about dental bridges.

How Dental Bridges Fill Gaps?

Dental bridges fill gaps in the mouth by replacing the lost tooth with a natural-looking and feeling artificial tooth created from porcelain and attached to the two natural teeth beside the weekend gap. The false tooth is held in between by two dental crowns also made from porcelain that fit over the natural teeth to act as abutments. The false tooth bridges the gap left by the missing tooth to give your adolescent the confidence to begin smiling without hesitation.

Dental bridges are unlike dentures and remain fixed in the mouth. Therefore, they do not slip or shift, causing discomfort when speaking or eating. There is some preparation required to get dental bridges for your adolescent from the pediatric dentist near you, who must prepare your adolescent’s neighboring teeth for the abutments needed to hold the dental bridge in between. However, after getting the replacements, your adolescent can begin enjoying their life and smile as they did earlier before losing their tooth.

Dental Bridges Strength

Pediatric dental bridges are strong and are excellent support for the biting pressures of the front teeth. However, children like adults are accustomed to using their teeth for purposes other than chewing and biting. At the same time, the artificial porcelain teeth can withstand biting pressures; they are not created for opening packages or bottle corks. Therefore, so long as dental bridges are not to be used for purposes other than biting, they serve the purpose they were created for.

The Durability of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are incredibly durable and can last between 10 to 15 years with excellent dental hygiene. As artificial teeth, they serve the purpose of biting and enhancing the facial appearance. However, as the bridge replaces your natural tooth, it needs attention, just like the teeth you lost.

When you get a dental bridge in Tulsa, OK, the dentist at the facility advises how to care for the dental bridge and the precautions your kid must adopt to keep the restoration in optimal condition. Besides maintaining excellent dental hygiene, brushing twice a day, flossing at least once, and avoiding biting complex foods with their front teeth, adolescents must pay attention to their flossing habits.

Plaque building up constantly on the teeth tends to remain trapped under the abutment teeth and the dental bridge. The dentist recommends purchasing floss threaders to clean around the abutment teeth and under the dental bridge. It is a minor investment that is required to ensure gum disease doesn’t develop in the mouth. Besides, the above dental bridges require exams and cleanings like natural teeth from dentists every six months, as all people do.

Investing in dental bridges is a better option than allowing gaps to remain between the teeth after losing a tooth or several. Missing teeth cause more problems in the mouth, especially when your remaining teeth begin shifting towards the vacant gap to create misalignments in your mouth. Dental bridges are an affordable replacement solution helping you restore your eating ability and smile in a couple of appointments with the Tulsa dentist and preventing unnecessary problems in your mouth. Dental bridges also keep you away from expensive orthodontic treatments if you allow misalignments to develop with your teeth.

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