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Dental Sealants Effective Protectants for Children’s Teeth against Cavities

Dental Sealants Effective Protectants for Children’s Teeth against Cavities

June 1, 2021

Every dentist claims brushing and flossing are optimal ways to prevent cavities in your teeth. However, everyone is aware reaching the nooks and crannies of your back teeth is particularly challenging not just for adults but also for children. Children develop their first molars at six and the second at 12. The surfaces of the molars have grooves and fissures favored by food particles and bacteria to conceal themselves.

The bacteria in children’s mouths are not as harmless as children’s and are forever working hard to deposit toxins on the child’s tooth and penetrate the enamel. Brushing and flossing are indeed optimal for preventing tooth decay and cavities, but children need an additional barrier of protection with dental sealants. Sealants create a smooth surface on children’s teeth preventing food particles and bacteria from remaining trapped in the grooves and fissures. The preventive measure helps children avoid tooth decay and cavities, benefiting their parents by saving considerable sums of money they would otherwise require for dental treatments.

Explaining Dental Sealants

Consider dental sealants for kids as a safety net to keep their back teeth clean. The sealants are a layer of transparent protective coating made from plastic or other materials adhering to the surfaces of the molars to prevent cavities from forming and even reverse early stages of tooth decay.

If you as a parent are not convinced about the efficacy of dental sealants, it helps to learn dental sealants function as a protective barrier on your child’s teeth. Sealants prevent the cavity-causing bacteria living in your child’s mouth from enjoying themselves on the food particles and produce acids. The acids produced by the bacteria penetrate the enamel to cause cavities. After applying dental sealants to your child’s back molars, prevents food, bacteria, and acids from settling on the teeth.

Dental sealants effectively protect your child’s molars against 80 percent of cavities for two years after an application by the pediatric dentist in Tulsa. The protection continues for four years after the application while the sealants themselves remain on your child’s teeth for approximately nine years. Therefore you mustn’t hesitate to give your child the protection they need with dental sealants recommended by the child’s pediatric dentist.

The Safety Aspect of Dental Sealants

The CDC confirms dental sealants are a safe and effective remedy against tooth decay and cavities on children’s teeth. Children without sealants are three times likely to develop more than one cavity before reaching elementary school compared to children with sealants having a protective barrier on their teeth.

Undoubtedly teeth sealant’s pros and cons also exist because the application is prone to chipping and wearing off and requires monitoring by the kid’s dentist near you frequently. If the dentist notices any defects with the sealants, they reapply the same on your child’s teeth.

What Happens If You Overlook Dental Sealants?

Suppose you decide to overlook the affordable and efficient procedure of getting dental sealants on your child’s teeth. In that case, you likely will spend more time and money with the emergency dentist near you, seeking treatments for dental cavities on your child’s teeth.

Children are chronically affected by tooth decay and cavities, causing them to report lost school time because the holes interfere with their eating, sleeping, and other activities. Dental sealants merely cost $ 30-$ 60 per tooth, which is way fewer than the cost of a single treatment from an emergency dentist. Instead of exposing your child to numerous dental issues by overlooking dental sealants, why not schedule an appointment with Dr. James Steyer to give your child the benefit of remaining free from dental cavities? We are confident you will schedule an appointment at the earliest to protect your child’s back molars before they get infected by the bacteria in the mouth.

Do Dental Sealants Offer Comprehensive Protection against Dental Cavities?

Dental sealants are merely a protective barrier against tooth decay and cavities for the molars, and the bacteria in your child’s mouth move around freely to any teeth they choose. Therefore whether you have dental sealants on the child’s molars or not, the child must brush twice daily, floss at least once, and visit their dentist for exams and cleanings every six months. Children are better prevented from having sticky foods and beverages as prime culprits for causing tooth decay resulting in cavities. Teaching children excellent dental hygiene habits besides preventive measures to keep their teeth robust and healthy is better than seeking treatments from dentists for various dental infections.

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