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Types, Symptoms, and Treatment of Dental Emergencies

Types, Symptoms, and Treatment of Dental Emergencies

May 1, 2021

Emergency dentistry aims to provide relief and maintain ideal oral health. This article shall discuss the types, symptoms, and treatment of dental emergencies.

A dental emergency is a condition that requires urgent medical examination or treatment. Your oral health can be affected, causing severe conditions if not looked into. Quick response to dental emergencies helps minimize pain as well as maintaining your teeth health.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can be caused by injuries or accidents, among other factors. These need to be attended to urgently to save you from pain, discomfort, or further infection. Below are types of dental emergencies:

  • Toothache

This may be a sign of oral infection. Tooth pain can be caused by exposed roots, tooth decay, or infected gums.

  • Chipped teeth

Biting hard objects such as candy or ice, accidents, and falls may cause the breaking of your teeth. Tooth decay may eat the enamel weakening your teeth and may cause discomfort or pain in your teeth.

  • Abscess

This is a condition that starts as an infection. It eats away the soft tissue and, if untreated, spreads to other parts.

  • Teeth sensitivity

Extreme temperatures may cause problems to your oral health teeth. Too hot or cold beverages such as ice cream may cause teeth sensitivity.

  • Bleeding

Bleeding may be a sign of oral infection such as gum disease. You should visit a dentist immediately if the bleeding tends to persist.

  • Teeth grinding

Misalignment of the teeth may cause your jaws to grind against each other. This can lead to exposure of nerves causing inflammation.

Other forms of oral emergencies include:

  • Swelling of the mouth
  • Mouth sores
  • Knocked-out teeth

Symptoms of Dental Emergencies

Symptoms of dental emergencies depend on their severity. If untreated, dental emergencies may cause serious problems to your oral health as well as your overall health. Seek urgent dental care from our dental clinic in Tulsa, 74137, if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Damaged teeth

Improper oral hygiene habits may lead to cavities or gum disease. Damaged teeth may hinder oral functioning, such as bite and speech abilities.

  • Persistent and intense tooth pain

Tooth pain may occur due to the lodging of food particles in your teeth. It may also happen due to an infection around the teeth area or gums.

  • Swelling of the jaws

Misaligned jaws or teeth may cause strain on your jaw muscles when chewing. This may cause swelling of the jaws or a headache.

  • Numbness

Biting your lip, side of the mouth, and tongue when chewing food can make your mouth numb. This happens due to damage or inflammation of the nerves.

Treatment of Dental Emergencies

Regardless of age, anyone can experience dental emergencies. You are advised to visit a dental clinic at least twice a year for cleanings and assessment of your oral health. Dental examination saves you pain, money, and time. To get the most from emergency dentistry, visit our 24/7 emergency dentist in Tulsa, OK, for examination and cleanings. You should ensure you adhere to proper oral hygiene habits such as:

  • Ensure you brush your teeth regularly using the right technique
  • Use a fluoride paste
  • Consider mouthwash
  • Eat vegetables and crunchy fruits such as apples and carrots
  • Avoid starch and sugary foods

Oral infections may cause problems to your overall health if not treated. Below are remedies to dental emergencies:

  • Visit your dentist

Professional dental care is a way of handling oral pain and getting treatment. Visiting your dentist will help treat symptoms early, maintaining your oral health.

  • Particles stuck in crevices may be removed using dental floss. Using pointed or sharp instruments can cause damage to the tissues and gums
  • Braces

Braces help align crooked and crowded teeth. They are common with teenagers and children. Braces slowly align and straighten your teeth, improving your bite and appearance.

  • Gum surgery

Oral infections may require surgery during treatment. Gum infections occur due to poor oral hygiene. Professional treatment reverses oral infections, giving you a healthy smile, preventing tooth loss, reducing gum gaps, eliminating bacteria, and reshaping your jawbone.

  • Fillings and repairs

This involves removing the decayed part of your tooth and filling the cavity. This procedure is done to repair broken, cracked, or worn-out teeth.

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