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What Does Dental Bonding Entail?

What Does Dental Bonding Entail?

September 1, 2021

Improper use of the teeth is one of the factors that leads to teeth defects and diseases. After the loss of the milk teeth, they are replaced by permanent teeth which are meant to last you for a lifetime. However, the longevity of your teeth depends on the way you use them and the care you give to them. Regular brushing and flossing of the teeth is an important measure in caring for the teeth. Frequent dental examinations and cleanings also help to strengthen and fortify the teeth against diseases and defects. However, these measures are not enough to keep a set of strong and healthy teeth. The way you use your teeth is also very important in making your teeth last for a lifetime, devoid of defects and diseases. The teeth have three primary functions that include breaking down food for digestion, that is, biting, tearing, and chewing food to aid easy digestion. Secondly, the teeth are responsible for speech and word formation. Lastly, the teeth are responsible for the rigidity and shape of your face. Trauma to the face,  biting down on hard substances, playing sports without dental precautions, and teeth grinding are examples of improper use or care for the teeth. These habits can result in tooth defects like chipped and cracked teeth. However, these chipped, discolored, cracked, and decayed teeth do not have to stay that way because dental bonding in Tulsa, OK can help to fix these defects.

Dental bonding is a process through which soft composite resin materials are used to fix cracks and chips on the teeth’ surface. The composite resin material can be molded into any shape and polished to the shade of natural teeth. Therefore, dental bonding can be used to fix cracked, chipped, and discolored teeth. When the resin material is in place and the result is satisfactory, Dr. James Steyer then uses light to harden it.

Dental bonding is suitable for both kids and adults. You can book an appointment with a pediatric dentist near you for dental bonding for your kids.

Uses Of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding can sometimes be used as an alternative to orthodontics. This is because it helps to fill large gaps between the teeth, change the shape of crooked teeth and make the teeth appear longer. Dental bonding can also be used to replace amalgam fillings in protecting exposed tooth roots as a result of gum diseases. Majorly, dental bonding helps to fix cracked, chipped, and discolored teeth. Composite resin materials used for dental bonding are also used to fill dental cavities. Dental bonding is a form of cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Bonding Procedure

A dental bonding procedure for kids can be gotten from a pediatric dentist in Tulsa, OK. A normal dental bonding procedure can be gotten from any dental office near you that offers dental bonding.

To begin the bonding process, your dentist will choose a composite resin color that matches the color of your natural teeth with the aid of a shade guide. Your dentist then roughens the surface of the teeth to be bonded for better bonding. A liquid that allows the bonding agent to stick well to your teeth is now applied.

The composite resin material is applied over the liquid. Your dentist then molds and shapes the teeth to your taste before hardening the bonding agent with ultraviolet light.

A tooth bonding procedure takes about thirty to sixty minutes. However, it can be longer depending on the extent of the procedure.

How To Care For Your Teeth After Bonding

Proper care of bonded teeth helps them last longer. Ways by which you can care for your bonded teeth include:

  • Regular brushing and flossing. Brush and floss at least twice daily.
  • Avoid bad dental habits like chewing on your nails, etc.
  • Avoid hard food and substances.
  • Avoid tooth-staining foods for at least two days after the bonding procedure.
  • Contact your dentist if you notice your bonding wearing or falling off.
  • Go for regular dental cleanings and exams.

Dental bondings are affordable and can help fix deformities to your smile.

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