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Pediatric Restorative Dentistry

Restore Your Child's Smile

A lot can happen to the teeth of an active child. When things take a turn for the worse for your youngster's teeth, know that All Smiles Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry has the solution. Our experienced dentist will help restore their smile and their developing self-image.

A Variety of Options for Cavities

Dr. Steyer only uses composite resin (tooth colored) fillings as opposed to amalgam (silver) fillings which contain mercury. If a crown is necessary for the front teeth, we offer a porcelain crown or a composite crown. Both are tooth colored. For back teeth, the options of a porcelain crown (tooth colored) or a stainless steel crown (silver) are available.

About Our Pulpotomy Procedure

Some teeth require a pulpotomy. In a sense, a pulpotomy is a root canal procedure for a baby tooth. The top part of the nerve is removed and replaced with a medicated filling, to keep the rest of the tooth alive, and then covered completely with a crown.
Tooth extraction

Tooth Extractions and Space Maintainers

There are occasions when a tooth cannot be restored. For these cases, an extraction and orthodontic treatment may be necessary. If your child needs a tooth extracted and the space needs to be held open for the permanent tooth to erupt, Dr. Steyer may recommend a space maintainer.
Same-Day Appointments for Emergencies
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"Both my boys had fillings and the staff was amazing! They liked going back, and it wasn't a fight. They have games in the waiting room to keep the kids busy. The front staff is so nice and friendly."

Stephanie Gattis Knabe, Facebook review
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