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Pediatric Dental Bridges in Tulsa, OK

Dental Bridges

Losing a tooth early can be problematic for children, especially if it’s a front tooth. Thankfully, there are restorative procedures that Dr. James Steyer can recommend to eliminate the tooth gap and preserve your child’s dental health and function. Suppose your child has lost one or more of their front teeth prematurely. In that case, our dental care team at All Smiles Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry offers pediatric dental bridges in Tulsa, OK.

Premature Loss of Front Teeth

A child’s front primary teeth are vulnerable for many reasons and maybe lost before they are naturally ready to come out. One factor that influences premature loss of front teeth in children is tooth decay, which may require extraction if severe enough. Children often develop dental caries or cavities due to inadequate oral hygiene habits at home or diets that are high in sugar. In addition, the risk of severe tooth decay increases if children do not see our dentist in Tulsa, OK, 74137 for regular exams and cleanings.

Another factor that can determine a premature loss of front teeth in children is injury or trauma to the mouth. As children develop their motor skills, they are susceptible to falling or other physical accidents that can knock out one or more of their front teeth.

Pediatric Dental Bridge

A pediatric dental bridge is a common restorative procedure utilized by our emergency dentist near you for children who have prematurely lost a front tooth. This apparatus “bridges” the gap created by missing teeth. Pediatric dental bridges can eliminate a visible tooth gap and reduce self-consciousness for patients in terms of appearance. Also, these bridges provide stability when it comes to biting and eating.

Dr. James Steyer is dedicated to pediatric and adolescent dental services, including providing pediatric dental bridges near you. For more information about pediatric dental bridges and other restorative procedures, contact our team at All Smiles Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry. We look forward to seeing you at our dental clinic in Tulsa, OK!

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