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Pediatric Dental Fillings in Tulsa, OK

Dental Fillings

Cavities can be common in children for many reasons. However, they need treatment in order to restore tooth health and prevent greater damage. All Smiles Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry offer dental fillings near you for the treatment of dental cavities. Our team at the dental clinic in Tulsa, OK provides fillings for any cavities that form in your child’s mouth, and we will work with you to guide your child through better oral health strategies to prevent cavities from developing in the first place.

Dental Fillings for Cavities

When tooth enamel is subjected to decay, tiny holes are formed in the surface called cavities. Unfortunately, cavities don’t go away on their own and get worse with time. During your child’s regular dental exam, Dr. Steyer will identify if there are any cavities present.

If your child happens to have a cavity, dental fillings are necessary to treat it so that the decay doesn’t progress. Our pediatric dental team will remove the decayed material from your child’s tooth and replace it with a protective material known as a filling. This restores the health and function of your child’s tooth.

Parents may assume that their child’s primary teeth won’t need fillings if cavities are present. Though your child’s baby teeth will fall out and be replaced by permanent ones, fillings may still be necessary for primary teeth. This is because tooth decay can spread from one tooth to another. Filling cavities in baby teeth can prevent future oral health problems for your child.

Preventing Cavities

Of course, avoiding cavities prevents the need for fillings in Tulsa, OK, 74137. Parents can help their children achieve this by teaching them proper oral hygiene habits like regular and thorough brushing and flossing each day. However, it’s also important for parents to continue to monitor and guide their children’s at-home dental care. Children are often insufficient in their hygiene, yet with parental oversight, their habits will grow better as they grow older.

Our emergency dentist near you also recommends the following strategies to help children avoid cavities:

  • Limited sugary foods and drinks
  • Dental sealants for molars
  • Professional fluoride treatments
  • Professional exams and cleanings with Dr. Steyer twice a year

All Smiles Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry provides quality dental care for your child, including treating cavities with dental fillings. For more information about fillings near you and other restorative services, contact our dentist in Tulsa, OK, 74137.

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