Extractions in Tulsa, OK


Children often have stubborn baby teeth in their mouth that are difficult to lose or pull out at home. If they aren’t extracted in a timely manner, these primary teeth can interfere with how and when permanent teeth emerge, which can lead to future dental or orthodontic issues. Some children experience severe tooth decay or oral injury and require extractions as well. The good news is Dr. James Steyer is trained to perform extractions in all cases and restore oral health to your child’s teeth. All Smiles Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry is there to guide and support you and your child through dental extractions in Tulsa, OK.

Simple Extractions with Dr. Steyer

Our dentist in Tulsa, OK, performs many extractions as part of pediatric dentistry. When a tooth is visible in the mouth, it is considered a simple extraction procedure. If a tooth is inside the gum, impacted, or broken, a more complex extraction is generally needed. This circumstance is more common for adolescents or those in early adulthood with wisdom teeth extractions.

For a simple extraction, our dentist near you will gently and carefully administer a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth to be pulled. This prevents discomfort during the extraction procedure. Then the tooth is loosened with professional tools and removed with expert skill.

Recovery from Dental Extractions

Parents can take comfort in knowing that recovery from dental extractions in Tulsa, OK, is generally straightforward and quick. Dr. Steyer will recommend that your child limit physical activity for a day or so. The primary goal in recovery is that the tooth socket heals properly. Therefore, your child should eat soft foods and brush their teeth carefully.

Our pediatric dental team is committed to the safety and comfort of your child during extractions near you. It can be stressful for parents to find out that their child needs a dental extraction, but parents can be reassured that professional removal of a tooth by our dentist near you is routine and offers excellent results.

Overall, extractions in childhood can prevent future oral health complications. Contact our office at All Smiles Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry for more information about extractions near you.