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Pediatric Special Needs Dentistry in Tulsa, OK

Special Needs Dentistry

At All Smiles Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry, we believe that everyone should have access to excellent oral health care. This includes patients that require special needs dentistry in Tulsa, OK. Occasionally parents find it difficult to commit to regular dental visits when it comes to their child with special needs.

However, overlooking or postponing visits with our dentist near you can create risks of poor oral health and other concerns. Dr. James Steyer provides compassionate, quality, and professional care to all patients, including those that require health care accommodations due to special needs.

Special Needs Dentistry Near You

There are a variety of patients with conditions that require special needs dentistry near you. Access to quality, comprehensive dental health care is essential for these patients to promote their overall health and wellness. This may include patients with autism, Down Syndrome, or other conditions that pose unique challenges.

Your child’s health, safety, and well-being are our staff’s priority during any dental visit. Our dentist in Tulsa, OK, 74137 ensures that all precautions are taken for those with medical, behavioral, and emotional risk factors so that their oral health care is comfortable and effective.

Pediatric Dentistry and Special Needs

For some patients with special needs, oral health care can be compromised due to many potential barriers. However, an essential part of pediatric dentistry is circumventing or eliminating those potential barriers to dental health. Dr. Steyer is trained to effectively treat patients with special needs who require accommodations and customized dental care.

In order to provide the most effective oral health care, our staff works with special needs patients and their caregivers to establish an attentive and cooperative relationship. We ensure that patients and their caregivers receive guidance and proper instruction for at-home oral hygiene habits and maintaining regular dental exams and cleanings.

Our oral care team at the dental clinic in Tulsa, OK understands the importance and privilege of serving patients with special needs. Our emergency dentist near you is dedicated to the comprehensive oral health needs and prevention of dental issues for your child, at any age, and with necessary accommodations.

Our emergency pediatric dentist near you offers all types of dental services at our dental clinic to kids and residents of the following neighborhoods in Tulsa, OK: